A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"Press SPACE to Wave" was created during the 2017 Global Game Jam at Google Launchpad in San Francisco. The theme for the game jam was "waves". The team was excited about the prospect of waves as a form of communication between humans and thought that a game about propagating human waves would be a fun project. The game that resulted is a 2D top down local multiplayer game created using the LibGDX framework.

The players use the space bar on desktop (any part of screen on mobile) to "wave" down neutral pedestrians. Each pedestrian can only wave "one" time. To win the game connect with every pedestrian in the city!

Team Members: Dominic Mortlock, Skanda Narendra Bhargav, Zac Patel and Ben Thomas

Music Credits: dpren (freesound.org)

Install instructions

For Desktop machine must have java installed. JAR run file available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

For Android the apk is available. The game can also be downloaded from the Google App store and downloaded to your Android device.


pressSpaceToWave.jar 11 MB
pstw2.apk 6 MB

Also available on