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Space Canoe is a 2D arcade style game in a similar vein as the classic "asteroids" created using the LibGDX framework. The player uses the left and right arrows (left and right screen touch on mobile) to paddle the canoe away from the perilous space debris. The goal is to survive as long as possible in order to obtain a high "debris dodged" score.

The player uses the *left* and *right* arrow keys in the game screen to paddle the canoe away from the space debris. The space canoe functions similarly to a real canoe where a paddle on the right side of the canoe pushes the canoe towards the left. The player canoe in "Space Canoe" is locked onto the center of the screen and rotates with paddles in 30 degree increments around the full 360 degree range of motion. Each paddle force pushes the canoe towards or away from the space debris depending on the orientation of the canoe and the side at which the paddle took place. The longer the player survives the larger the debris dodged score will be and the more perilous space will become.

Music Credits: tyops, vumseplutten1709, grendellthi (freesound.org)

Install instructions

Machine must have java installed. EXE run file available for windows. JAR run file available for Mac and Linux users. APK for Android users.


spacecanoe.exe 20 MB
spacecanoe.jar 20 MB
android-release.apk 14 MB

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