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Nectar of the Gods is IN DEVELOPMENT


The bugs are thirsty! Battle lines have been drawn at the soda fountain. Strategically deploy a chosen bug family to claim liquid nirvana.

Beetle Brigade, The Hive, and Spidey Party! These bugs have sampled the sweet sweet nectar of the sugary drink industry and have launched a coordinated drink across the planet. From bumblebees to ladybugs, you will artfully master strengths and shortcomings to topple boba shops and ice cream parlors. 

The countertop mayhem has begun. 


I was inspired to make Nectar of the Gods by the "rock paper scissors" tactics and mental reflexes of real-time strategy games. I love the idea of bite sized asymmetrical battles where you have to think quick on your feet and rely on your mastery of the units available to you.  And bugs are rad!


  • 3 playable bug families - "Beetle Brigade", "The Hive", and "Spidey Party"
  • 8 unique bugs per family with special abilities and quirks
  • Head to head battles against AI or 2 Player Local
  • Colorful, delicious visuals to immerse you in the miniature conflict

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Check out the gamedev blog here: http://bitly.com/bwt-gamedev-blog



Left Analog / Dpad to move, L/R Trigger to open bug wheels, select bug and release. "A" and "B" to navigate menus)


WASD to move, J/K keys to open bug wheels, select bug and release. ("enter" and "esc" to navigate menus). Check out 2 Player controls in the pause menu. 


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 0.1.1
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Version 0.1.1

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